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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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southwest here this afternoon. now, most of our region right now is pretty quiet. there are a few storms at berks and montgomery county, the strongest thinks one into portions on have bucks county from solebury on south on 202, some reports of the lightening here with another cell over bucks county, now these are not severe storms at the moment but they are locally strong and throughout remain other this have weekend anyone of these showers or storms could produce for strong wind and hail. you can see it, circulation around that upper low as it sits and spins, off the coast and it will take a couple days before we get this system to push out of here. what to expect throughout the rest of this evening? showers and storms still popping up through tonight and then again they are not every where but if you are traveling through one heavy downpours could impact evening commute, a few more showers and storms, popping up the at 7:00 and notice even overnight tonight possibly a few showers and storms rotate ago long the coast of new jersey inn that could continue on and off even throughout the day tomorrow. so what to expect for tonight?
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scattered showers and storms especially through the evening once sun goes down we will loosen joy for these storms, so to speak, wind gusting to 40 miles an hour and small hail is possible. once we get system out of here it will start feeling like summer around here. we will tell you how warm and when, coming up, jessica. >> kate, thank you. and chester a deadly triple shooting left a 14 year-old dead and 16 year with critical injuries. police are adding to the reward for information to this case. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is joining us live with more details, walt? >> reporter: well, police hearsay they are the most innocent of victims, 14 year-old zenas powell and his 16 year-old cousin standing in the rain at the store hoping someone would give him a ride saturday night to a mcdonald's for a bite to eat. second later, zenas was dead, his cousin critically wounded and survivor, jeanine shiply spoke with me today about those terrible moments, when the gun fire erupted.
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>> i could hear it going ping, ping and i'm like i will die. >> reporter: bullet that cher through jean shiply's shoulder is still lodged in they are back one of many that left kwamar powell critically wounded and his 14 year-old cousin seen as dead. >> bullets come from every where, boom, boom, boom. my god, my god i'm shot already. they are going to kill me. >> reporter: student at chester community charter school, zenas has just attended his eighth grade dance the night before. he was looking forward to graduation. >> starting to at a young age. >> reporter: this family member who asked in the to be identified watched, as zenas fell fatally wounded. >> for last couple days, you know, like why, why. >> reporter: yes. >> one of the working theories is that the intent was to shoot somebody else, and these guys got caught in the cross fire. >> reporter: police chief james noland saying
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investigation so for has determined that all three were innocent victims, of shots intended for others. >> and this was just such a great kid at school, i great student and everybody like him. >> reporter: school founder vaughn, and his wife, are now stepping forward to pay for zenas funeral, and they are doubling the reward to $10,000. >> hopefully they will fine the person that did take him off the street, so this he cannot do anything like this ever again. >> reporter: finally, shiply was out there in the rain saturday night at that spot because she was holding a vigil on the same day in 2013, her god brother gunned down at almost the same spot, her brother, murdered a block away back in 2010, she is asking when the violence will end, and with people being gunned down, innocent people in the streets here, including an eighth grader, no one right now is providing any answers. live at chester i'm walt
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hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. police say a teenager is in critical condition after being hit by a car in cherry hill this afternoon. chopper three over the scene, at springdale road in morris drive, the driver did remain on the scene, victim was taken to cooper trauma after receiving on site medical treatment. a baltimore police officer leaves court after being acquitted of assault and other charges in the arrest of freddie gray. officer edward nero used to live in sewell, gloucester county. cbs correspondent craig boswell reports the verdict is second straight blow to prosecutors trying to hold police accountable for gray's death in the back of the police van. baltimore police officer edward nero is a freeman acquitted of assault and other charges for at rest of freddie gray. >> officer nero at this point is the most relieved person on the face of this earth. >> reporter: in a bench trial with no jury judge barry williams ruled that the 30 year-old acted as any
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reasonable officer would and only touched gray after being handcuffed. prosecutors argued nero arrested gray without probable cause and was negligent for not making sure that the suspect was seat belted inside of the police van. billy murphy represents great family who said they respect the deis. >> the citizens of baltimore, you know, you ought to be proud that an accomplished jurist with a background in prosecuting corrupt cops, had the courage to go against public opinion. >> reporter: officer nero teared up after the verdict was read while outside courthouse emotions were also running high. >> no justice, no peace. >> people want justice but i think we still to have let the process work. i think that some things were said, to make me feel that the next cases might be judged differently. >> reporter: six baltimore police officer have been charged in the arrest and death of gray, the officer who was driving the van faces the
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most serious charges, second degree murder. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" now takes us underground after two explosions in philadelphia a that sent manhole covers flying in the air. two blasts happened over the weekend 12 hours apart. one in the 600 block of pine street, other at 30th and market. both explosions caused power outages. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos went underground to get a firsthand look at what it takes to get that power back on again. >> the power is out, hopefully peco's underground mechanics are already below your feet. >> this is underground training facility. >> reporter: before mechanics can work in the manholes underground like they did here repairing damaged wiring in society hill they must go through an extensive training program. from deenergizing power to suppliesing and couples, nine apprenticees in this class spent the first few weeks in the classroom. >> we do a host of training
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from old school cabling to the newest latest greatest stuff out there. >> reporter: after all of that traikit is time to go to the office and for men and women who worked as peco underground mechanics that office is some 11 feet below ground. >> just have a little bit of room to pull it forward. >> reporter: training is all done here in this aboveground manhole. >> we try to simulate a real time training, in a manhole and then we have a few folks inside manhole repairing, what is simulated as a damaged cable. >> reporter: despite being a little larger than average manhole in the city. >> very rare to have a manhole this size in philadelphia. >> reporter: it replicates a real one in almost every aspect. >> we have snakes, spiders, cockroaches, mice, rats, a little bit of everything. >> reporter: aboveground is there always one peco mechanic who supervises and can get up a a fellow worker in trouble. >> you are never down there without someone overtop of
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you. >> reporter: below ground are workers busy trying to get power back on, in this case the ones training to do just that. >> in a few weeks the whole sky line will be part of lighting up the whole city. >> reporter: in south philadelphia greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". forensic experts in egypt are working to identify human remains pull from the wreckage of egyptair flight 804. the jet liner went down in the mediterranean sea last thursday killing all 66 people on board. robotic submarine joined deep water hunt for sound coming from the flight and data recorders. batteries only last, 30 days. >> you stay out here for good six hours looking for people. we have a lot of windows throughout the aircraft. everybody is looking out windows. >> reporter: head of the egyptair navigation services disputes an earlier account by greece that the plane abruptly lost altitude before vanishing from radar. it is still unknown exactly what caused the crash. after 41 year president
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obama is lifting the united states arms embargo on vietnam, that embargo had been in place since the vietnam war ended. cbs news correspondent margaret brennan has more on this will development and what is next on the president's ten day trip to asia. >> reporter: with a warm welcome from vietnam's communist government, president obama tried to put the rest the ghost of the brutal war with the u.s. that killed tens of thousands of people from both countries. >> just a generation ago we friend.ersaries and now we >> reporter: vietnamese are eager to build ties with their cold war era faux in large part because of the threat posed by militarily a aggressive china which is seizing territory in both the east and south china sea. in an effort to stop that land grab, president obama made the decision to sell vietnam a american made weapons, removing a ban that has been in place for over four decades. >> this change will ensure that vietnam has access to the
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equipment it needs to defend itself. >> reporter: in exchange vietnam will give u.s. ships more access to its ports. mr. obama's next stop on the trip will be to another former enemy? japan. he will make a historic trip to hiroshima, first sitting president to to so. that city was decimated in 1945 when u.s. dropped the very first atomic bomb during world war two. more than 100,000 people died. president obama told japanese television that he will not apologize. >> in the middle of war, leaders make all kind of decisions. >> reporter: white house says the president will not revisit to bomb but he will say that america has a unique responsibility to make sure that a nuclear weapon is never used again. margaret brennan, cbs news, hanoi. now to a tradition that the u.s. naval academy. >> it hovered ahead,
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crazy video sinkhole swallows cars and trees we will show you more video coming up. and tell you where this happened.
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fans at a padres game over the weekend were expecting, to hear the san diego game and choir sing the national anthem but, they heard this instead.
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>> ♪ >> the choir awkwardly until a recording of the women's voice singing of the anthem finish playing, they say they were humiliated. padres apologized for the mistake and say it fired a contractor responsible for the error. on the cbs-3 healthwatch, boxing and brain injuries, we know that head trauma can cause a variety of neurological issues but some boxers appear to be more susceptible, but the question is why. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with details on new research looking into that. and research project, and, examining their mental function and looking for long term problems linked to boxing. findings could lead to big changes for sports like boxing. >> michael finally started boxing at nine years old. >> my mom came home one day, and i saw something in the paper there is a boxing gym. i said sure what the heck. >> reporter: fifteen years and well over 150 fight later, he
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want to know the toll it is taking on his mind. >> little bit of, memory, stuff like that, you notice, and i was just like man, it kind of scars you. >> reporter: michael is taking part in the study at cleveland clinic researcher trying to better understand long term impact of repetitive head trauma on boxers and milk martial arts fighters. >> it is definitely a violent sport,. >> reporter: nearly 650 active and retire fighters are participating they range in age from 18, to 70. >> they see changes and amly sees changes and they want information. >> reporter: each fighter is evaluated once a year brain scans are compared overtime to measure changes, not everyone shows the same effects. >> there is some individuals who have a tremendous amount of exposure to head trauma and so we are trying to understand why that is. >> reporter: the doctor is looking into whether genetics play a role, he says goal, it is to make combat sports safer. >> for example you may be able
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to develop, a policy of how frequently someone should fight. >> now, researchers hope to have enough data within the next few years to make these policies recommendations that could help the next generation of fighters. they say as this research project evolves they will have 700 fighters involve. that is a big group to sample. >> it is just such april interesting thing. >> back in the day, they have 15 round and now it is down to 12. >> yes, wow. >> hurting your head. >> motorist driving along the roosevelt expressway in nicetown see a double take when they sigh an unusual object. >> it is subject of the good question submit by josh. he wants to know what is that strange structure on the roosevelt expressway seen near wissohickon avenue. it is big. it looks like a roof. but what is it. why is it there. >> it looks like a little warehouse i am bol. >> reporter: what do you think this is? >> i do not know but maybe some type of a solar panel.
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it is being done. >> it is just random, metal sculpture. >> reporter: it turns out it is very old. our nicole brewer tells you what it was used for, more than 80 years ago tonight at 11:00. >> if you have a good question log on to cbs question or tweet us, using the #cbs-3 good question. >> all right. kate bilo, joins us now you and it was first time in a long time i guess friday, we had no coat. >> how about it. >> go to the gym this morning it was like my gosh. >> yes, yes. >> weekend was a little rough. >> some areas need the umbrella then. >> well, tonight we have another round of showers and storms popping up, because we want it to get out andrs and eventually, it will and once it does we will start feeling like summer, we will make up with lost time where averages come from. we will finish may on a norm willal note depending on how warm it gets later this week. lets look at what is happening
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right now outside we will take to you bethlehem and see dark cloud, and they are really gathering in the skies there in northampton county, a few storms moving through lehigh valley at the moment, and things are looking ominous in bethlehem. lets look at our live neighborhood network at broadheadsvillain you can see dark included traveling in the distance over mountains and it looks like a rain shield or blurry over mountain. kutztown area middle school dark cloud, overhead and now these showers and storms today are mainly to be wet, of philadelphia tomorrow they will be mainly to the east and it is you will because of persistent upper level low is moving out but it is a very, very slow process. here's the innings tour strongest storm is crossing from bucks to montgomery county we have a few scattered showers in lehigh valley and berks county, you cane this line trailing into chester county. only severe warned storm thinks one near baltimore but even seeing a new you one popping up over cumberland county and heading into delaware this one likely to be
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producing hail. we have had few reports of pea sized hail across the region earlier this afternoon and this one likely producing hail as well as thunder, lightening and downpours. traveling through northeast philadelphia, into portions of montgomery county if you are on perhaps 476 and northeast extension that could slow you down here this afternoon and evening. temperatures right new, 75 degrees still in philadelphia a the nice and warm with more sunshine this morning. seventy-five in allentown. sixty-three in trenton. sixty-four in atlantic city. here's our may calendar and look at those rain drops only five dry days this month. take a look at our monthly total as well over 5 inches of rain and more than two of those inches came this past weekend. we had 2.07 inches this weekend in philadelphia and we have had a trace of rain, 22 of the last 28 days. showers should die down once sun goes down. showers should impact new jersey as the storm finally starts to move out of here, still scattered showers in the
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afternoon and finally high pressure does try to build in. they build up starting on wednesday and that is going to kick that le out of here and really bring in some warmer air from the south and west, and take a look at how that jet stream keeps on rising, a taste of summer by end of the week just in time for unofficial start to summer and memorial day weekend. scattered showers and storms early tomorrow is partly sun which that spotty shower or storm in the afternoon, modeled like today but probably fewer showers and storms popping up, and eyewitness weather three day forecast, take a look at the warm up, walt hunter's last day walt is leaving us retiring on wednesday we have put his face on the seven day for him. eighty-four for that day. thursday looks good at 86. it may get even warmer and more humid by the end of the week. i will tell you how warm it may get coming up. >> thanks, kate, a appreciate it so much. popular bakery rises from the ashes, still ahead denise's bakery one year after a destructive fire. now they are not opening until
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tomorrow, but we will take you inside today, don. a fraction on of a second away from olympic glory how one athlete is ready to go the distance from the villanova wildcats comin sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing ♪ sfx: crowd chanting
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♪ sfx: crowd cheering ♪ sc johnson, a family company spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships.
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and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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welcome back, first time since 1985 villanova wildcats went the distance. meanwhile, they are not the only once on. leslie van arsdal has more. >> we all know about success of villanova basketball but schools most successful program is actually track and field. villanova has had a participant in every summer olympics since 1948. now australian and villanova junior pat, tearnan hopes to book his ticket to rio this summer. >> it is unbelievable. you see it on tv growing up, and you see their experience. >> reporter: one of the top distance runners in the country and he is close, really close, he just missed qualifying.
5:26 pm
>> .78 of a second, gut wrench go to say it, but, it is a blessing in disguise because i still have two months. >> reporter: who better to coach him then four time olympian and villanova grad marcus sullivan. >> thing so important to me was coaches i have had since i was 17 years old. we had a very long successful program. all the way back to the 40's. so, what you try to do is you try to live up to the history that has come before you. so when athletes come, real serious ones that want to be part of the history you start to get in. >> he thinks pat could be the rising star to add olympic athlete to the resume. >> it takes six months to know and once we get to know him you start to realize, very quickly that they are in a separate category into themselves. >> it is pinnacle of that sport, that is what you dream about, about achieving, and so any chance you get to do it you will make the mess of it, ten months i have got to work
5:27 pm
with, that is what i will do. >> reporter: leslie van arsdal, "eyewitness sports". >> thanks, leslie. >> wow. >> first of all, i knew they had a good program. i didn't know it was that great. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> that is great. >> i love track and field. love track and field. >> thanks, buddy, a appreciate it. a bakery reopens one year after a devastating fire. we will take you inside today up next. when this woman tried withdrawing money from her bank she learned someone had taken all of her cash, and she had blocked out of her own account. coming up a look at phone hanging and how to keep it from happening to you, cleve. and a 17 year-old killed in south jersey by an alleged drunk driver, i'm cleve bryan, coming up how he was already helping the community, and his big plans for t
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. tragic loss. this is one of the worse
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things thaw can ever imagine. losing, one of your own. >> a family's heart break as they mourn the loss of the teenager, hit by a suspect dui driver on the side of a new jersey highway. the 17 year-old was a student a at burlington city high school. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. good evening i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan reports from route 130 where a memorial is growing in honor of the victim. >> this is a tragic accident that should not have happened. >> reporter: immersed in grief family of the 17 year-old antoine timbers junior spoke out just a day and a half after being killed on the side of the route 130 by an allege drunk driver. they chose to focus on the positive how proud they are of a young man on the path to serve his community, and country. >> antoine was just a huge part of all of our lives. he meant a lot to us. he was really stepping in the right direction. >> reporter: as a tenth grader timbers was assuming
5:32 pm
leadership rolls in the junior rotc rolls in the burlington city high school and his dream was to serve in the military like his older cousins. >> during my recent conversation he mentioned how he wanted to finish the year so strong and be a student leader, in the jrotc summer camp. >> reporter: friend and family placed american flags and flag colored balloons near the spot where timbers died. the driver wick cardio paterson from willingboro stayed at the scene after the crash. police took him to the nearby hospital on blood tests of suspicion of drinking. he was charged with driving under the influence and reckless driving and released since both are traffic summons. timbers family say they will try to stay patient as investigators determined if paterson deserves criminal charges. >> all we can do is grief and go through this process and hope every day gets better. >> reporter: burlington county prosecutor's office is leading the investigation and they say they are waiting on results of the toxicology, before deciding on any charges for paterson. in burlington city i'm cleve
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bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". oregon baby-sitter accused of beating a one year-old child has a roided charges because child cannot speak up, about what happened, even though alycia queeny's son jacob was covered in bruces and scars the accused abuser is protected by 2012 oregon court of appeals ruling. it makes it difficult to prove substantial pain in child abuse cases where victim cannot speak with no arrests, the parents turned to social media to try to get action. >> his whole face, his arms, his back, bruises, every where. he was screaming, crying, how does a baby communicate, they cry. >> she said she will not settle until her son gets justice. two swimmers are recovering from shark by the at different florida beaches over the weekend. the most recent attack happened sunday afternoon, authorities say that a 57 year-old woman was bitten on the leg while swimming 100-yard off zero beach, and a day earlier an 11 year-old
5:34 pm
girl suffered shark by the to her back, arm and hand at a jacksonville beach. it was a tragic weekend for climbers on mound everest. five people have died since friday while trying to descent from or reach the summit of the world's tallest mountain. these are the first deaths of the 2016 everest climbing season, more than two dozen others have been sickened or developed frostbite. turning to campaign 2016, new polls find donald trump surging in the potential match autopsy begins hillary clinton. trump leads in one national poll and virtually tied in another. although clinton is 90 delegates away from clinching the democratic nomination trump predicts she will not be able to unify the party. >> a lot of the bernie sanders voters, they do in the like hillary and those people had to come with me. >> another national poll find more than half of the register voters are unsatisfied with the choice of picking trump or clinton as president.
5:35 pm
51 percent of people surveyed said they would rather have a third party candidate enter the race. 44 percent of voters say trump and clinton are sufficient choices so no third party candidate is needed. well, north philadelphia bakery will reopen tomorrow 14 months after catastrophe caused to it shut down. >> kyw news radio cherri gregg explains what did this sweet business what it needed, to rise from the ashes. >> this is a sweetest spot in north philadelphia. fragrant row is among thorns. >> that is probably pound cake. >> reporter: denise is the heart, that has pumped life into this bakery. >> we do everything from scratch and we use only the best. >> reporter: for 24 years denise and her crew mixed thousands of pound of batter, every week. >> pound cake pays the bills. >> reporter: with the menu that includes cobblers, cookies, pies and cakes in every flavor that you can imagine.
5:36 pm
>> but in march of last year this sweet space was devastated when fire, ripped through early, one sunday. >> all of the windows were broken, everything was destroyed. >> reporter: denise thought her baking days were over. >> we didn't necessity how much we meant to people, until the fire. >> reporter: community support, came in like a flood, breathing life, and it hasn't stopped. >> we decided that we have to go back. >> reporter: insurance money took care of repairs, and after some blood, sweat and tears, they will reopen tuesday, sweeter then before. >> they are going to be some new things. >> reporter: they are putting on final touch toes open up these doors, so they can give back. >> i want them to feel our love, i want to feel their love. i just want to thank them. >> reporter: through goodness, served up in the sweetest spot, on the block. in north philadelphia, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> welcome back. how sweet it is. >> price is right for survivor, amazing raise and big brother fans.
5:37 pm
>> we will explain that after the break. plus. >> music program here at this elementary school is non-existent for three years but now it has a new lease on life. thank you. >> i'm anita oh in west philadelphia coming up generous gift that is giving these elementary school students the chance to make music. do you love taking selfies? well, you think you would love this new study, and. >> still a few showers and thunderstorms around and then flip the flip the script and then return to summer like weather by end of the week and start of the memorial day weekend. i'll have a sneak peak coming up when i come back.
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♪ ♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator.
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i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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with both expansion, and remodeling, on their calendar. wawa, will open 50 new stores, this year, half in florida, where the local chain has become a huge hit. more than 200 legacy stores in the delaware valley will be remodeled with the price of one million-dollar, each. and newer stores with gas pumps will also get the a face lift. wawa did $9 billion in sales last year. um, um. if you are taking off on memorial day road trip next weekend you are not alone. trim a says more than 38 million drivers will hit the highways for the holiday. that is the second highest number on record, and the most since, 2005.
5:42 pm
and, it the just pulled the cause out. the storms continue to fire up, on storm scan three, and kate is tracking, this for you, we will be right back after this
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you can expect some familiar faces, on the price is right this week. >> yes, but the next three nights the game show head from daytime to prime time on cbs-3 and fan favorites from survivor, big brother and at macing race will play along with fans tonight through wednesday. first up survivor jim donovan spoke with host drew carry about the special cross over episode. >> everybody in the audience is a a big fan, when we interviewed them on line to see if they will come down we asked them who their favorite survivor contestant of all time. then in the back section we
5:46 pm
had survivor contestant toss choose from. we get called on down, we called down survivor contestant that they like. they would meet in the middle to have a double freak out. wonder if my man jarvis made the cut. catch the price is right, prime time, tonight, tomorrow night, and wednesday night, at 8:00 o'clock only on cbs-3. >> yes. >> all right. >> well, new study suggests those who take selfies think that they are more attractive then they really are. >> researchers at the university of toronto studied all of the them among college student. individual selfie takessers were asked, and, photos, no surprise, the selfie takers over rated their boot the eye. >> ouch. >> well, all right. >> let that sink in. >> makes you go, mmm. >> storms were firing up all around us as we get into the evening. how is it looking. >> it looks lake is there a storm that has its sights set
5:47 pm
on center city philadelphia that will be here within the next ten or 15 minutes. heading out and about, this is moving from the north east, really southwestern city and it will slow things down quite a bit. >> i saw a tweet of yours, someone gave a tweet with hail on the golf course. >> yes. >> that was in delaware county. >> we have had pockets of pea sized hail all across the region and still could see more until the sun, goes down, so we are still under the influence of low pressure, it is not loosening its grip at all and that means some problems this afternoon. lets look at outside, we can see it is getting ominous in center city. we are looking south here where sunshine is, looking to the north it is a completely different, view right now, we are seeing dark cloud, rolling in, and they are coming from the north and east. while it looks good right now looking south, in south philadelphia things are okay but you look to the north you see those cloud rolling in and you definitely want to move indoors if you know someone that is out at a baseball practice or something like that, maybe sound the alarm we will show you where the storm
5:48 pm
is, give them a text or call or tell them to move inside when that storm moves through. lets look at eyewitness weather watchers reports and they are keeping tabs on things for us. we are looking at 73 checking with ed connor he has had sunshine, nice afternoon for working outside and listening to 80's music. sound fun to me as long as you dialed those showers and storms, listen to 80's music until hearts content. so, chestnut hill, he sent me a photo that i retweeted of dark skies moving in the chestnut ale area to the north east and that is where storm is right now. further south we have rain cooled air, in the 60's over northern delaware, greg mccoy at 69, he is in char that will ton, sunny and warm, fast moving thunderstorm hit, giving us a, tenth of an inch of rain and dropping temperatures certainly considerably as well. lets look at where the storm are right now. they are firing up all over the place. most of them are turning strong or severe as they move down into maryland where strongest storms are, at the moment but you can see this
5:49 pm
one, starting to creep into the philadelphia area, and showers off shore those may impact coast overnight. here's one we are watching right now moving through bucks county and northeast philadelphia, let's zoom in and track this you can see reports of the lightening, heavy rain, right over i-95. this extend into new jersey as well around moorestown at the moment and moving to the southwest, at about 20 miles per hour, here. and this is what to expect as we go through next 15 to 20 minutes, 5:57 p.m. when that storm will be in philadelphia, proper, upper darby, 6:08. ridley 6:17. chester by about 6:25 with heavy rain, frequent lightening and risk for that small hail. it is all part of the larger system upper level low that is centered over our area and does in the want to move. eventually, you can see front to the west, big ridge of high pressure will take over really and push that storm out to sea and that is when we will heat up, and try to dry out a bit. temperature highs 76 is where we are in philadelphia we got
5:50 pm
to 80 in allentown for a high. scattered showers and storms for the next couple of hours but notice how they die down quickly once sun comes down and lose heating of the day. showers to start the day down the shore and probably stray shower popping up in the afternoon, mainly to the east. breaks have of sun for your tuesday. mainly dry before noon. spotty afternoon thunderstorm mainly over new jersey with brief heavy rain, much like today but fewer storms as we head into tomorrow. above average temperatures resume starting wednesday as we head toward memorial day weekend we are talking about temperatures heading for the 80's, and that will feel nice but throughout the overnight hours tonight still a few you scattered showers down to 56 degrees, in you're witness weather seven day forecast does show that warm up. eighty-four for walter. eighty-six on thursday. we will keep it for 80's through memorial day weekend. we will give you a closer look coming up, jessica and ukee, back to you. join us at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. wednesday to say good bye to our senior investigative reporter walt
5:51 pm
hunter. >> last week we had a wonderful opportunity to talk with walk about his 36 year career here at cbs-3. we will take a look back together and see the moments that define walt as a reporter, that is wednesday starting at 5:00 p.m. on "eyewitness news". hope you can join us. we often think of identity theft as a computer crime with scammers hack nothing to our accounts or line but as a three on your side consumer report jim donovan shows you how thieves are wiping out bank accounts, using nothing more than just tell phones. >> reporter: when christie could not get cash out of her atm she called her bank to ask why. >> so they said you have to answer these three security questions. so i failed all three security questions. >> reporter: questions had been changed, and her accounts, taken over, during a kind of phone hacking. a conn artist posing as a man pose todd answer a chase operator questions about the school she went to, license plate number and bank that she had a loan from.
5:52 pm
that game scammers the ability to steel $2,800 by writing checks from her accounts. she does in the necessity how the conn artist got her personal information but security experts, say that criminals can buy it from hackers, who have breach the data bases of retailers, financial institutions, and even local businesses, and schools. >> it is really a question of when, not if, anymore, that each of us will suffer, a form or multiple forms of identity theft. >> reporter: identity theft 911 founder adam levin, to protect yourself always use long, strong pass words. take security questions you have not shared on social media, schools we went to or your moms's maiden name could be right on facebook. in a statement, chase noted customers are not liable for fraudulent transactions, that they report to us at a timely fashion. it took a couple of weeks but she did get her money back. >> this has been a full-time job. >> reporter: she has disabled telephone banking but chase concedes another crook with the right information could
5:53 pm
turn it back on. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> what a headache, right. >> i'm telling you. >> gift of muse, still ahead on "eyewitness news" an award winning middle school choir takes their prize money, but doesn't use it for herself. still to come why this local school is giving money away, and who they are giving it to. be right back.
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5:55 pm
5:56 pm
an act of generosity from some local middle school student has been benefiting
5:57 pm
elementary school students. >> "eyewitness news" report's neat a oh has more on this gift of music. >> ♪ >> reporter: these aren't just lyrics. >> ♪ >> they are forshadowing a brighter future for hundreds of students in west philadelphia. >> i'm excited. >> i was learning how to play, you know, a guitar. >> reporter: student like nikkei ingram will get that chance after three years without a school music program. >> thank you. >> reporter: that is in part because of seventh heaven a select choir in haverford middle school, group of 40 students won 101.1 more fm choir competition and prize back in december. instead of using that money for their own choir they bought $5,000 worth of music equipment and instruments and donated them to students at edward heston elementary school. >> i cried when i first found
5:58 pm
out. >> reporter: becky started teaching music at edward heston in november with few lee sources. >> we have a few of these metallic phones they are missing bars, upstairs in our music classroom. >> they have never been one put together or proper instrument. >> reporter: last year choir toe nate had $1,000 price to rhawnhurst elementary school in northeast philadelphia. >> we need to share music, not just, the season of giving but throughout the entire year. >> reporter: impact this gift can make has no price tag. >> this is a great example, of something that you can show your students that they are powerful, even if they don't feel like there is nothing that they can do, they can still make a difference. >> reporter: in west philadelphia. >> ♪ >> reporter: anita o h for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". oh, yeah, like nikkei said i'm excited. >> okay. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: where is it good to park in fairmount? some drivers had their cars towed. i'm joe holden. we did some digging. you may be surprised to hear what the city has to say about this story. triple shooting in chester leaves one teen dead and another critical and woman wounded, tonight we will hear from that female survivor as the search for suspects, goes on. kate? rain, thunder and lightening moving through philadelphia, right now, coming up i'll tell you how long these storms will last and when temperatures, head back into the 80's, it will start feeling like summer and i will tell you when. plus don't rages on, new group of people steps forward to back philadelphia's proposed tax on sugary drinks, health reporter stephanie stahl shows us who is getting behind it and response from the opposition. and, it is 6:00 o'clock in the news, tow troubles for
6:00 pm
philadelphia drivers have them crying foul. they say they were on the hook for cash that they never should have paid. tonight, one of these drivers is telling his story and the city is responding. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live from the cbs-3 sat center and you went looking for answer what is did you find. >> indeed we did. good evening. park nothing parts of the philadelphia is a real challenge in neighborhoods with construction, and development in add to go that concern tonight, and, inspections and towing operators are making their own rules. sixteenth and fairmount last week, joe claims he became a victim of predatory towing. video was provided to cbs-3. >> he threatened to tow my car. i jump inside and said you have to release my car. you cannot just take my car. >> reporter: joe and list of othepl


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